“BÜHNE DREI” Special price for participants:

Menu: starter + main course = 8€

Just as remarkable as the architecture are the culinary delights on offer at the Bregenz Festival House restaurant buehnedrei right by the lake. With its clear lines and plentiful natural light, the modern architecture ensures a pleasant ambience for every occasion. And in summer the spacious sun terrace offers a wonderful point from which to observe the goings-on on the Platz der Wiener Symphoniker.

The menu offers a well-selected range of food and drink with regional specialities. Equally popular: the good-value lunchtime dishes. These are served every day between 12 noon and 2 pm. Here you can savour the current week’s menu in advance!

In the evening buehnedrei changes into a bar with a lounge and a diverse cocktail list. Fancy theme parties are announced on an ongoing basis in the event calendar of Bregenz Festival House.

Open daily from 11 am.



Grill – Fish – Sea Food – Homemade Pasta

Best grill in town!
We recommend this restaurant not only for being 3 minutes away from our hotel and workshops, but also for their excellent service and quality. 15% discount for Tango en Punta participants!

Address: Calle 30 (Las Focas), between Calle 20 and Calle 22

Phone: 4244-8934


Restaurant and Fast-food

One of the most accessible places to eat in Punta del Este, on the same street as the hostel!
Italian, Seafood and Spanish/Basque cuisine. Walk-ins welcome, take-away and delivery for both lunch and dinner. Try “La Pancha” Menu (230$, drink and bread included).

Address: Calle 24, between Calle 29 and Calle 30

Phone: 4244-6336

Welcome to Tango en Punta!