27 FEB. to 1* MARCH 2020 P.del ESTE,Uruguay
04- 07 JUN. 2020 – VIENNA, Austria
08-11 OCT. 2020 , BREGENZ, Austria

Punta del Este / Vienna / Bregenz are gearing up for 4 days of shows, seminars, milongas, afternoon milongas, tango with inclusion of people with all different abilities , djs & live music.
Once again, hundreds of tangueros from varied parts of the world will join us to embrace tango.
“Tango en Punta” is the first  tango festival in the world with inclusion of people with disabilities. Organised since 2012, it takes place each year on two continents: in February in Uruguay and in September in Austria.
It is a place where international tango professionals and hundreds of tango lovers independent of nationality, age, gender, physical and mental abilities meet each other for a weekend of embrace that knows no borders.
“Embracing Tango, Embracing Inclusion” has been the philosophy of the festival since its beginning.
It embodies the spirit of the Tinkers, that of fellowship and meeting.
During the festival we experience it every day in a surprising number of ways, literally “creating inclusion” together.
Join us!! Join the party!! Celebrate a tango experience of inclusion!


Tango is to us the source of contact improvisation. The idea is to perceive the spirit of the partner and to find each other in the rhythm of the music.
Tango is by itself an inclusive strength. It encourages you to be yourself. There is no right or wrong. The main goal of the inclusive tango lessons is to learn from each other and to grow together.Tango is a language that does not require words nor visual contact. The physical contact happens on a very subtle level and hence allows the participants to explore and develop their motoric and sensory habits. This touching experience motivated us to create Tango en Punta.


In our milongas, all people, no matter their tango-level, their culture or their capacities, will meet each other in an embrace, with great Djs and the best atmosphere.


4 international Tango couples will be teaching classes & seminars for you. Inclusion classes will be offered by Tinkers, you are all welcome.