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International Tango Festival With Inclusion

Hundreds of tango dancers of different ages, abilities, and cultures embrace tango and inclusion every year in Punta del Este (Uruguay) and Bregenz (Austria).

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First Tango Festival In The World With Inclusion

“Tango en Punta” is the first tango festival in the world with the inclusion of people with disabilities. Organized since 2012, it takes place every year on two continents: in February in Uruguay (Punta del Este) and in September in Austria (Bregenz). It is a place where international tango professionals and hundreds of independent tango lovers of nationality, age, gender, physical and mental abilities meet for a weekend of embrace that knows no borders. Our latest editions have gathered more than 1000 visitors, year after year.

Other Projects


The “IN-Concert”, is a show which embraces tango and the meaning of inclusion on stage. This work of art is the result of a collaborative creative process, in which professional artists (dancers, musicians, choreographers and photographers, but not exclusive to these categories) join in the artistic creation with selected participants of the intensive tango inclusion workshops. New Tango Music: composed by Julio Cobelli & Luna-Tobaldi. New Tango Lyrics:( about inclusion), created by the screenwriter, Siul Bango, gave to the whole piece a very special and unique musical background.


This is a handbook that has been especially developed to accompany the Tinkers System Seminar. Both the handbook and the seminar are intended for persons interested in finding more about the system and methodology for teaching tango to groups of people of all abilities. This approach has been developed and successfully used by the Tinkers over many years of organizing inclusive tango workshops

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