“Embracing Tango”- The association Tinkers started on Monday, 25th of May, the second round of workshops that are part of the European version of “Abrazando el Tango” in Bregenz.

These tango workshops, taught by Andrea Seewald and Matías Haber, were designed especially in cooperation with people with Down syndrome. Thanks to so many interested participants this loving teaching method developed in a way that everybody, with or without disabilities, can participate.

By raising awareness through the music, the embrace and the basic elements of tango, the participants find their own way of artistic and personal expression, not only on a playful, but also on a sensory and cognitive level.

The participants of the inclusion activities become more receptive to the idea of an equal world where inclusion is not only an objective, but reality.

Like every year the tour of “Embracing tango” comes previous to a new edition of Tango en Punta, the first tango festival with inclusion of people with disabilities that takes place in two continents and that will take place from the 10th to the 13th of September in the great opera Festpielhaus in Bregenz