Three days, three themes, three pairs of teachers, and a new way to experience the tango and refine your technique.

In the Festspielhaus Bregenz Joe Corbata & Lucila Cionci , Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella and Majo Martirena & Rodrigo Fonti, propose three seminars, exclusively for couples, to deepen each on a specific theme.

Choose what are your favorite themes and hurry to register since space is limited and exclusive for limited couples.

Lucila & Joe
Boleos & Sacadas
Individual technique and in the couple.
Different qualities and dynamics to develop on the dance floor applying to different musical sequences.

Musicality & Milongas
Musicality: Musical phrases, different qualities of movements, and change of dynamics. A stumble, is not a fall. “Milonga traspié”
Milonga loca: combine Milonga “lisa” with “milonga traspie”.
Musicality using theatrical expression.

Bolesos, enrosques y colgadas
Body alignment and use of spirals as generators of movements applied to Boleos, Enrosques y Colgadas.