102, 2015


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Faltan solo 3 semanas/ Only 3 weeks to go!!!
Estamos listos…y ustedes? We are ready…and you?

los Tinkers & Team

3001, 2015

Tinkers Association begins tour “Embracing Tango 2015″ in the north of Uruguay

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On Wednesday, January 28th, Tinkers Association began the tour “Embracing Tango 2015″ in Rivera. Teachers Matías Haber and Andrea Seewald -founders and creators of Tango in Punta, the first and only festival of tango with inclusion of people with disabilities carried out every year on two continents- celebrated the first inclusion workshop of the year at ANTEL’s virtual […]

2601, 2015

Where Are The Tinkers? Still not promoting the festival !!! ???

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If you’re one of those who asked yourself or sent us a message, it is time to know the answer. Now, if you did not notice that we are less than a month of Tango in Punta 2015 or even worse, if you have not scheduled the date of the unique tango festival with inclusion […]

1601, 2015

BUS! Buenos A. – P. del Este – Buenos A.

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Don’t miss this great opportunity: The Party Bus is coming!!!
Tango en Punta – amigos: take a ride with the Tango en Punta – Bus: Buenos Aires- Punta del Este-Buenos Aires, the cheapest way to come to Tango en Punta, only 95 USD.
Extra Bonus: The same bus will be your transfer -Hotel-Milonga-Hotel the 3 nights-.

DEPARTURE: from Buenos Aires to Punta […]