The DSI (Down Syndrome International), is a UK based international charity, who organizes every three years the WDSC (World Down Syndrome Congress) in various venues in the world.

After the success of Dublin 2009 and South Africa 2012, the next WDS congress will be held in August in the ITC Grand Chola in Chennai/India. The main theme will be “Panch Tatvas” the five truth.

Matías Haber and Andrea Seewald (the founders of the Association „Tinkers“) have been invited by the DSI to be part of XII WDSC to receive the recognition of their work (which they are realizing in America and in Europe) in person.

This recognition means a lot to all of us, who form part of the Tinkers Association and the proyect “Embracing tango”, which takes place in different cities of Uruguay, Austria, Colombia, Spain, Switzerland, Germany as well as the inclusion-festivals “Tango in Punta” in Punta del Este/Uruguay and Bregenz/Austria.

We want to share our excitement with those, who are part of this inclusion movement, who are participating in the milongas, classes and inclusion-concerts, with artists who have joined us and with public and private institutions, local governments and ministries, whose support enable us to develop our projects further and help us to live our dream: „an inclusive society!“

Thank you very much!