On Wednesday, January 28th, Tinkers Association began the tour “Embracing Tango 2015″ in Rivera. Teachers Matías Haber and Andrea Seewald -founders and creators of Tango in Punta, the first and only festival of tango with inclusion of people with disabilities carried out every year on two continents- celebrated the first inclusion workshop of the year at ANTEL’s virtual room at the bordering capital.

The activity was the first of a series of workshops that will develop in the coming days in different cities to prepare the festival to be held in Punta del Este between 20th and 22nd of February. These workshops aim to promote inclusion and to encourage the participation of people with disabilities from all over the country at the festival. Tinkers Association reached an agreement with the Congress of Mayors whereby departamental governments will provide transfer, food and lodging for members of the various delegations to the festival.

About a hundred people with different disabilities had a first hand experience with the working method Matías and Andrea have been developing for over four years and which has earned them international recognition, leading to exhibit in the role of teachers in Down Syndrome congresses to be held in September and October in Austria and Germany respectively.

Members of Rivera’s Associations of People with Disabilities, representatives of the departamental government and the general public, highlighted the initiative of the Tinkers Association and praised their work giving wide dissemination to the project and supporting their development.

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