21 March 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day which this year will focus on: ‘My Opportunities, My Choices’ – Enjoying Full and Equal Rights and the Role of Families”. At the same time, it’s Tango en Punta IN Concert’s first month anniversary –an event referred to as Punta del Este’s best event of the season, and in which us, the members of Tinkers Association, embodied in stage our own view of the society we want: one of social inclusion.

“Inclusion of music, voice and dance. Inclusion of men and women beyond their social, economic, and geographic conditions. Total inclusion never mind our abilities”, like we highlighted throughout our festival.

We couldn’t find a better message to celebrate this day than Santi’s words when asked to define the meaning of inclusion: “Inclusion is everyone, together, with everyone… with everyone”. We also share with you the work of Ishka Michocka, a polish artist and member of our team, with Santiago and Carolina as protagonists.